Monday, June 30, 2008


I mentioned a few posts ago that I filled out an editing test and sent it to Swimming Kangaroo, a small, independent press. I got the email today, offering me the job! They chose two of us out of twenty-five applicants. How cool is that??? I also got a call from someone who might be interested in private dance lessons...and my brother and his girlfriend want some, too. Whoopee!!

This is good timing, because I think I'm going to throw all my well laid-out and sensible plans out the window and quit this month. The work is becoming unbearable for both of us. We're prepared to work long hours to make it happen, and Michy said she'd coach us. She might have some work for us, as does Beth. We will have to make some sacrifices, but I think we can do it!

I didn't do much work for Sandi. Demand approved the remaining articles I had pending review. They also accepted three I suggested, so I need to get on them.

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