Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23rd

Exciting day--I got my first interview on odesk! Two, sort of. The first one was telling me the job I'd applied for was taken, but he was giving me a heads up that he was posting another in a couple of days in case I wanted to prepare. He sent the same message to several others.

The other was actually interviewing for the job. I sent him a sample of an ad I did for an Arabian stallion. He asked me to do a test of a category description for his retail website, so I did on and sent it off...I'm still waiting, but I sent it this afternoon so who knows when I'll hear back now. I'll post if he hires me!

Today's activities:
Taught dance class at Sac Ballroom Society.
The above-mentioned odesk interview
Finished rewriting Bubba Goes National (see my Jennifer Gets Bloggy blog for thoughts on this!)
Sent stuff to Beth for the website


Payments received:

Goals for this weekend:
Write a sample for the guy who said he was posting another job
Write 3 book reviews for the site that's hiring reviewers
Finish rewrites on Bubba...CHECK!!!

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