Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday and Saturday

OK, I didn't accomplish a whole lot, but I did work a bit on the LEG piece and started the research for two Horsemen's News pieces and one piece. I taught dance classes yesterday and today. I took two articles that failed on Demand Studios because they had some language similar to other articles I'd written and fixed that problem, posting one on Suite 101 and the other on Associated Content. I also sent some article ideas to and Horsemen's News.

Earnings: $155
Payments: $155

Not enough for two days!! The first part of this month is going very, very slowly work-wise.

Assignment update:
All for Demand Studios: done
2 for Horseman's News (10/14): research started
2 for LEG (October): 1 mostly done, 1 need info
1 for (Monday): research barely started
1 for RS: not started
Copy edit book for Swimming Kangaroo: first pass done, need to do one more
more queries! 8 this month

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