Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday through Saturday Update

Oy, I need to be better about updating this! What have I been working on? Finding and writing news stories for, researching and writing the piece for Horsemen's News, doing the second pass for Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem for Swimming Kangaroo Books (Hi, Dindy and Karina!). Got some new assignments for HN. Bid on jobs on oDesk and Elance. Finished the one for LEG.

Earnings: $195 (sigh...not much)

Assignment update:
4 for Horseman's News (10/17): 1 done, started on 1
2 for LEG (October): 1 done, 1 need info
1 for (Monday): not started.
1 for RS: 12 pages done
Copy edit book for Swimming Kangaroo: working on second pass
more queries! 9 this month

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