Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday and Monday

This week, I'm helping out at the barn where I keep my horses while my friends, the owners/trainers/marketers, are out of town. This cuts into my work time, but it's necessary because they do a lot for me and I need to return the favor. They give me a break on my board and give me lessons on how to train my horses in exchange for turning horses out. Not hard work, but it does take time out of my day! Yesterday, I finished a piece for Horseman's News and started the research for a piece for Today I finished the latter and worked on the ebook. I'm still working through MM&M for SKB. Oh, I also have The Cassandra Cookbook to review for Apex Reviews.

Earnings: $180

Assignment update:
4 for Horseman's News (10/17): 2 done, research started on 1
2 for LEG (October): 1 done, 1 need info
1 for (Monday): done, but need to do an update tomorrow.
1 for RS: 15 pages done
Copy edit Magic, Mensa and Mayhem for Swimming Kangaroo: working on second pass
Read and review The Cassandra Cookbook: about halfway through.
more queries! 9 this month

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