Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yawn...finally wrapping it up for the day. Today I conducted the last interview I needed for Hills & Lagoons and wrote the profile, conducted a couple of other interviews and wrote the piece I owe The Saddle Horse Report--I just need to add a couple of quotes. I also taught a dance lesson.

Today's Earnings: $140
Payments: $260

Assignment update:
4 for Demand Studios (9/11): not started
2 for Back Country Horsemen (9/15): not started (need the topics)
6 for Horseman's News (9/14): 3 done, research started on 2
1 for LEG (9/5): need info
1 for Saddle Horse Report (9/9): basically done
3 for Hills & Lagoons: done
1 for Style (9/10): research started
Gold Medal article (9/30): interviews done
more queries!

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