Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today I don't really have an excuse for not making my goal. I did spend some time on research, but I spent too much time on a Demand Studios article. I picked it from their list thinking it wouldn't be hard, but it was hard enough that it took me practically all day, which is pretty silly. I don't even know if I can use that research to write more articles on the subject, because how many articles does the world need on shrimp reproduction? You laugh, but it's true. *sigh*. I finished my articles for RS and wrote one more for Demand besides the shrimp one and did 10 pages in the book I'm editing. I got one new assignment and a request for an interview on another. I also picked up a dancing gig starting in October that will be six weeks long, perhaps longer if they are happy with me, so that's pretty cool!

Today's Earnings: $110

Assignment update:
2 for Demand Studios (9/6): 1 done
5 for Demand Studios (9/8): 1 done
2 for Demand Studios (9/9): not started
2 for Sandi: 1 done (have to wait on her to do the other, but the first was well received)
2 for Back Country Horsemen (9/15): not started (need the topics)
6 for Horseman's News (9/14): 3 done, research started on 2
10 for RS (9/3): done
1 for LEG (9/5): need info
10 for CH (9/6): 1 done. Greg may help.
1 for Saddle Horse Report (9/9): left message for interview
2 for Hills & Lagoons: 1 done
Gold Medal article (9/30): interviews started, received 3 back
more queries!

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