Saturday, June 7, 2008

All kinds of news

I've been remiss in updating this blog, because I've been very busy! Went to another horse show last weekend and various things since then.

1. New game plan: instead of taking a leave of absence in August, I'm going to hold off just a little bit. My good friend and dressage coach, Patience Prine-Carr, wants me to go to Arabian Sporthorse Nationals with her in September, so I'm going to take all the vacation time I have available during that month. I'll write as much as possible and go to Nationals (in Nampa, ID). This will give me a short trial period of working from home, while getting paid. Then, I will go back to work and evaluate the lessons I learned and change the game plan as needed or start gearing up to take my leave of absence in December. I get my year-end bonus in November, and that will come in very handy for paying off a couple of bills so I won't be quite as hard up when I no longer have a guaranteed paycheck. If all goes well in December, I'll quit.

2. I landed my first oDesk job! I have 14 articles to write for a new magazine, 1 Magazine Denver. They're due on June 17th and I have two done so far. I have a number of other bids out there as well as on elance.

3. Apex Reviews hired me to write book reviews. Not a lot of money, but a little bit and free books to read.

4. I have two articles to write for Horseman's News this month (actually, one is for Pacific Coast Journal, a sister mag). I have one well started, because it was supposed to go last month but I got the results very late and had a hard time reaching people for interviews.

5. Today I wrote an article for Beth, for the Arabian Horse Region Four Championship show program.

6. Today I worked at Horse Expo for a small fee but free tickets and parking pass. I spent more than I made!

7. Tuesday I taught three classes at the ballroom ($80). Linda will keep me in mind if she has private lessons other teachers can't do.

Earnings: $25 (plus whatever Beth is giving me)
Payments received: $165

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