Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing Greg Walker!

Greg has been destined to be a writer since he was a child, but like me, drifted away from it by the time he was out of college. I have been trying to encourage him to write for years, but he insisted he was too out of practice and couldn't do it anymore. Well, I got him doing some fiction during nanowrimo and then some Associated Content articles. This week, I talked him into helping me write my car articles for 1 Magazine, because that's something that's so hard to do when you don't know anything about cars! I have to say, he has done an amazing job, and the editors love it! He'll be on his way with these published clips under his belt, and I'm very, very proud of him! He'll be following in my footsteps (nay, passing them!) and building a freelancing career in his own right. Please check out his blog at!

Tonight we wrapped up all of our assignments for 1 Magazine. Now we have some room to breathe! I sent out three letters of introduction for us, saying we work as a team and separately, to Sacramento area magazines.

Our combined earnings yesterday and today: $90

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