Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grinding away

Yesterday I applied for Demand Studios and was accepted. I also suggested seven topics, which they accepted and I have one week to finish them. They pay $15 per article, with no royalties or page view bonus. I am on the fence about them--in the long run, Associated Content probably pays more on a well-keyworded article, but I have yet to make that kind of money there and the $15 up front is pretty tempting. I'll do it for a while and see how I like least it's something to do when I have gaps in other assignments.

Michy gave me a couple of leads I'm following up on. One is for a copy editor for a newish publisher, which is really exciting, so I sent them a query letter. The other is writing lesson plans for books. I need a resume, which I only have at work, so I'll have to follow up on that on Monday.

Over the past two days, I have written eight articles for Sandi and two for Demand Studios. I could have done more but did stuff on the house instead.

Earnings (two days):

Payments received:
$130 (yeah, baby!)

I'm starting to make enough writing to get caught up on bills and buy stuff we feels really, really good!

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