Monday, June 23, 2008

How am I doing?

So, Michy and I agreed that I should be earning about 50% of my goal while working full time in order to be assured that I will fully replace my income when I quit my job. That means I need to earn about $2000 per month, $500 per week, or $100 in 5 days, $84 in 6 days, or $72 in 7 days. Since my income varies so much from day to day, I'm going to start doing a weekly and monthly tally to see how it's evening out. I'm going to start with the past two weeks, which were really good ones thanks to my 1 Magazine assignment from oDesk.

Week of June 15th:
Total earnings: $290 Payments received: $298

Week of June 8th:
Total earnings: $300 Payments received: $250

Not bad, about halfway there. I think the week before that was about $150 earned, but it's hard to tell because I wasn't posting regularly for a while there. Hopefully I'll start getting some better paying assignments soon.

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