Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Answer your phone!!

This article I'm working on for Pacific Coast Journal is killing me. The show secretary only gave me part of the results, and I'm only supposed to write about the winners from California. Of course, she gave me winners from other states as well, which shortens the list as to who I can talk to...of the ones that are left, I can't find contact info for all of them, or I find a number and it's disconnected or they won't answer! My hourly rate on these pieces is not impressive. It's a 1000 word article and I'm to 600 and something. Oy. So, I worked on that for the past couple of days. I also worked on an article for 1 Magazine and finished it tonight. Submitted an article for Display Only to AC, read it at's pretty funny.


Payments received:

I'm running out of time on these 1 Magazine articles. I was hoping to talk to some people who live in Denver, but I haven't found any yet! I need to interview some experts in plastic surgery and was hoping for a personal referral. The pieces are due on Tuesday so I'd better get on those interviews. I also need to get photos of some cars we can use in the mag. How on earth do I do that?? One is a Mclaren SLR. There's no phone number on their website. Hm, someone said something about looking for a press kit, so I guess I'll do that tomorrow.

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