Monday, July 21, 2008

8 Days

I didn't to a whole lot today. I received two new assignments from oDesk and did one of them, did an interview and added a little bit to the piece I did for Horseman's News a couple days ago, and worked on the revisions for EZ's thing. I probably should do more, but I'm really tired, so I'm going to go to bed instead.

ETA: why am I not asleep yet? I just sent a query to Arabian Horse Times for an article about Patience Prine-Carr and what it takes to get a USDF Gold Medal.

Earnings: $37

Assignment update:
1 for EZ (due 7/21): incorporated feedback, waiting for more feedback
1 for RS: done
1 for Hills & Lagoons (due 7/30): not started
1 for Western Shooting Horse (due 8/1): started
1 for Saddle Horse Report (due 8/5): not started
1 for Sierra Style (due 8/8): Greg started the research
1 for Modern Arabian Horse (due 8/8): done, if she likes it
1 for Back Country Horsemen (due 8/15): not started
"winds of change" short story contest on Accentuate Writers (due 8/20): not started
more queries!

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