Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time off? Really?

Yes, that is right. I am going to take some time off! Woo! Mom and I are headed to Reno, Nevada, to watch a regional championship Arabian horse show. We are leaving at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and will be back some time around noon or so on Sunday. I am going to do a little work in the morning tomorrow before we leave and will have to really hit it when we get back to make up for lost time, but it will be worth it! Actually, I may take the old laptop and write an article or two that I don't need the internet to research. Oh, well!

Assignment Update (all due Tuesday 7/15 unless stated otherwise:

1 for EZ (first draft done, waiting for his notes, due ASAP): He sent his notes and now I need to incorporate them. Spent almost an hour tonight doing this but not done.
3 for Horseman's News (1 well started--pretty much all research done, one some research done, 1 assigned today): Turned in the one. May need to add to it later or tweak it, but at least the majority is done.
2 for 1 Magazine: Not started
5 for Demand Studios: Note started
1 for PB (need to clarify something first): still trying to connect
5 articles for CH (assigned today, thanks to one I turned in yesterday): not started
1 for Modern Arabian Horse (due 8/8): not started
1 Call for Content for Associated Content: not started.
Read Sassy by Valerie Howard and write a review (due 7/19): not started
queries: not started

Earnings: $145

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