Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going to bed before midnight, at least...

Something really cool happened to me today. The editor of Modern Arabian Horse hunted me down to write an article about my good friend Patience Prine-Carr and the Arabian stallion she rides in grand prix dressage, OKW Entrigue +++// ("Ricky"). I was very flattered she went through that much trouble to find me! I had published "30-year-olds Don't Bounce" in the April-May issue last year (you can read it on my Associated Content page, way at the bottom), and today she also asked if I had another funny story to publish. This is great exposure in a slick magazine with 40k+ circulation!

I had a productive day. I conducted a ton of interviews for the Paint World show (hopefully don't need to do any more), finished up the piece for EZ and sent it for his feedback and the additional info I need (he also said my revision of the last piece I did was good), wrote an article for Sandi that may lead to more work from a higher paying client than the ones I've been doing lately and wrote the piece about Patience and Ricky.

Assignment Update:

1 for EZ (first draft done, waiting for his notes)
2 for Horseman's News/PCJ (1 well started--pretty much all research done, one some research done),
2 for 1 Magazine,
several for Demand Studios,
1 for PB (need to clarify something first).
1 for Sandi (done)
2 for Modern Arabian Horse (1 done)
Read Sassy by Valerie Howard and write a review
I also need to write a couple of queries.

Earnings: $45 (as far as I know)
Payments received: $50

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Felicia said...

I'm so amazed and impressed by your productivity. Keep up the good work!