Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy day

Tonight, I am not posting this late because I can't sleep. It's because I had so much work that I needed to get done! What a wonderful feeling! I actually feel like I can't take on any more this week and am hoping I can push some things off to next week. Tonight I taught two dance lessons and spent a little over an hour working for my latest client (currently paying me by the hour--I'll designate him as EZ). I spent some time on him last night as well, incorporating his feedback on the pieces I'd written for him. I also worked last night on the 2008 Paint World show article for Pacific Coast Journal and the pieces I owe LEG. I received an assignment for another new client, whom I will designate PB, and two for 1 Magazine (Greg also took on 3 for them).

Big news is that I won the Accentuate Writers June short story contest--more on this on www.jenniferlwalker.blogspot.com or www.michysthoughts.blogspot.com (sorry, too tired for links)

Assignments I currently owe (all within the next week, preferably by Friday): 1 for EZ (well started), 2 for Horseman's News/PCJ (1 well started, one some research done), 2 for 1 Magazine, several for Demand Studios, 1 for PB. I also need to write a couple of queries.

Earnings for the past two days: $240 (this is GREAT--quite close to my full time goal)

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