Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's 10:00 and I'm going to bed

I took it easy today, although I did work. I did the last two Demand Studios articles I had approved and suggested two more. I can't write any more for them until they approve the two I suggested, and then review the other articles I've written. I wish they'd get on it! I spent a good part of the day working on the piece for Western Shooting Horse magazine and will probably finish it tomorrow. I dug up the last funny story I wrote, Always Wear Clean Underwear, and sent it to Modern Arabian Horse. I sent my non-fiction book proposal for The Mommy's Survival Guide to Autism to a publisher that specializes in autism and aspergers books.

Earnings: $30
Payments: $37.50

Assignment update:
1 for EZ (due 7/21): done, waiting for feedback
3 for Demand Studios (due 7/21): done
1 for Western Shooting Horse (due 8/1): started
1 for Saddle Horse Report (due 8/5): not started
1 for Sierra Style (due 8/8): Greg started the research
1 for Modern Arabian Horse (due 8/8): done, if she likes it
1 for Back Country Horsemen (due 8/15): not started
"winds of change" short story contest on Accentuate Writers (due 8/20): not started
queries: 1

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