Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catching up

Sorry I haven't been posting the past few days, but I've been so tired by the end of the night I just want to sleep! I have been doing tons of work and I'm not going to list it all out, but let's just say I've been typing my fingers off. Let's see if I can just figure out how much I've made! Some is still pending because I almost completely finished a $250 article, but I'll add that in when it's officially completed--I'm waiting for some companies to call me back. Also, I wrote four articles for a new online horse magazine on Helium Marketplace, and I won't know if they buy it until next week at the earliest, so I'll add that when I know. Therefore, my income will seem a bit low this week but I'll make up for it next week!

Earnings: $267
Payments: $245

Assignment update:
1 for EZ (new, due 7/28): first draft sent, waiting for feedback
1 for Hills & Lagoons (due 7/30): done
4 press releases for PB (soon): second draft of #1 sent
1 for Western Shooting Horse (due 8/1): nearly done
1 for Saddle Horse Report (due 8/5): research started
1 for Sierra Style (due 8/8): Greg started the research
1 for Back Country Horsemen (due 8/15): not started
Gold Medal article (whenever): started lining up interviews
"winds of change" short story contest on Accentuate Writers (due 8/20): not started
more queries!

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