Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation work update

I did get some work done this weekend, although not as much while I was gone as I originally planned.

Friday, I finished up some revisions and sent them off, wrote one article for CH and one for Demand Studios. Was up too late at the horse show to write that night. Earnings: $55
Payments: $75

Saturday: Wrote most of a 1 Magazine article, a CH article, and a Demand studios article.
Earnings: $75

Sunday: Finished up the 1 Magazine article and wrote another, wrote one Demand Studios, wrote the thing for PB, and did some revisions.
Earnings: $80
Payments: $182

Assignment update:
1 for LEG: Need info--not started
1 for EZ: I think this is done. Sent third draft.
2 for Horseman's News: Research well started on one, have some info for the other
2 for 1 Magazine: Done
5 for Demand Studios: 3 done
1 for PB (need to clarify something first): Done (may need revisions)
5 articles for CH (assigned today, thanks to one I turned in yesterday): 1.5 done
1 for Modern Arabian Horse (due 8/8): not started
1 Call for Content for Associated Content: not started.
Read Sassy by Valerie Howard and write a review (due 7/19): book started
queries: not started

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