Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19th update

Today was a productive day. I finished the last article I owed Horseman's News, wrote the review of Sassy, wrote the first draft of the piece for EZ, wrote one for Demand Studios and wrote two articles for Sandi. In addition, I slept in, visited my horse, went shopping with my husband, took the puppy to Petsmart to pick out a birthday toy and sat at the cafe for a drink. If every day is like this, I'll survive!

Earnings: $145
Payments: $97

Assignment update:
1 for EZ (due 7/21): done, waiting for feedback
1 for Horseman's News (due this week): done
3 for Demand Studios (due 7/21): 1 done, 2 not started
Read Sassy by Valerie Howard and write a review (due 7/19): done
1 for Western Shooting Horse (due 8/1): not started
1 for Saddle Horse Report (due 8/5): not started
1 for Sierra Style (due 8/8): Greg started the research
1 for Modern Arabian Horse (due 8/8): not started
1 for Back Country Horsemen (due 8/15): not started
"winds of change" short story contest on Accentuate Writers (due 8/20): not started
queries: not started


Anonymous said...

How was "Sassy"?

Jennifer Walker said...

You know what, it was pretty good. It is not usually the kind of book I would choose to read (being religious, etc), but I did enjoy it. Look for my review on!