Monday, July 7, 2008

Can't sleep

Here it is, 12:15 AM on a Sunday night, and I can't sleep. This is partly because I worked right up until bedtime and then tried to go to bed, and partly because I have so much work to do! Work...from people paying me to write! It's wonderful!

1. Working through revisions on the About LEG piece.
2. I applied for a job on oDesk this morning and they sent my first assignment a few hours later. I'm a little nervous that it happened so fast, but what could I do but trust that it will all be OK? I wrote the two pieces as asked and turned them in...hopefully they like them. If they do, there should be lots more work there.
3. Wrote my remaining claimed Demand Studios article. I have three suggested pending approval.
4. Wrote one piece for Helium marketplace. I don't know why, because it'll be useless if they don't take it. If they do, it's worth $56 and it didn't take too long to write. There are currently 84 candidates for that one job and I'm rated in the middle of the pack.
5. Conducted two interviews for a 2000-2400 word article for Pacific Coast Journal and started writing that article.
6. Got some info over the phone for a PR about the Golden Gate Classic and got up about 20 minutes ago to start writing it. I'm still pending some info.

So, started a lot of stuff, but didn't complete much. That's OK, because I have this week to get it all done. However, I also have another piece for Horseman's News due early next week, a book to read and review within the next two weeks, I have two people who are talking about hiring me to write web content, and I have work for Beth to do. Oh, and dance lessons on Tuesday and I'm going to Reno Friday night through Sunday morning. When will I sleep???

Four weeks until I leave my day job....I am optimistic about the future!

Hm, I should find a countdown clock to put on here to count down until 7/31 at 4:00!

Earnings: $65

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itzrissa2u said...

Your journey to freedom just got a wonderful send off. Congratulations on winning the contest on Accentuate! You really deserved it!

As soon as I read it I knew you had it in the bag.