Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday update

Today I spent quite a bit of time sending out interview questions for my USDF Gold Medal article, because one of the big Arabian magazines agreed to take it!!! I'm very excited! This could open a whole new door for me. I also spent a lot of time copy editing the book and only have 46 pages or so left. I will be SO GLAD when that is over. I wrote one restaurant profile for Hills & Lagoons and edited a letter for them, and I wrote one article for Demand Studios that's due tomorrow.

Earnings: $75

Assignment update:
4 press releases for PB (soon): second draft of #1 and #2 sent, #3 started (waiting for her)
13 for Demand Studios: 10 done (I don't know how I was counting this before, but it was wrong. I only have three left.)
2 for Sandi: 1 done (have to wait on her to do the other)
7 for 1 Magazine (9/14): 3 done, research started on 3 others
2 for Back Country Horsemen (9/15): not started (need the topics)
1 for Horseman's News (9/14): not started
4 for Hills & Lagoons (really soon): 3 done
Copy edit book for SK: 46 pages left
Gold Medal article (9/30): interviews started
more queries! two sent this month

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