Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yay! A great day!

Although I slept in and wandered through my day, it was very productive! I spent some time on revisions for BCHA, wrote a press release for LEG (I need one more quote but most of it is written so I'm claiming it today) and one for Demand Studios. Then, I got a call at about 4:30 asking if I could teach three classes at The Ballroom, which of course I jumped on.

Earnings: $180
Payments: $90

Assignment update:
4 press releases for PB (soon): second draft of #1 and #2 sent, #3 started (waiting for her)
11 for Demand Studios (2 8/20, 2 8/21, 2 8/22, 5 8/25 2 8/26): 2 8/20 done
2 for Sandi: 1 done
1 for Apex Reviews (due 8/18): reading book
10 for RS (8/19): done
7 for 1 Magazine (9/14): not started (greg will do a couple)
2 for Back Country Horsemen (9/15): not started
1 for Horseman's News (9/14): not started
Gold Medal article (whenever): started lining up interviews, sent two queries
"winds of change" short story contest on Accentuate Writers (due 8/20): not started
more queries! two sent this month

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